Welcome to the DNA Replication Group at HKUST.

The focus of our group is to understand how the DNA replication machinery executes the replication and maintenance of the eukaryote genome with precision and integrity.

We combine genetic, biochemical and structural approaches to elucidate the mechanisms that regulate the once per cell division replication of the eukaryote genome.

About Prof. Bik Tye


Bik Tye is Senior Member of the HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study and Professor of Graduate School at Cornell University. She received her education and training from Wellesley College (BA, 1969), University of California, San Francisco (M.Sc. 1971), MIT (Ph.D., 1974) and Stanford University (Postdoc, 1977). Her interest in DNA replication began with her postdoctoral training at Stanford where she discovered that short Okazaki fragments were generated by aberrant DNA repair in E. coli. At Cornell, her first project was to screen for yeast DNA replication initiation mutants called mcm that exhibit an ARS-specific minichromosome maintenance defect.  The MCM2-7 protein complex was later shown to form the catalytic core of the replicative helicase.  At HKUST, she established the DNA Replication Group with a research focus on the high resolution structures of DNA replication complexes in yeast.